In an increasingly volatile world, acquiring residency in the Cayman Islands is an appealing opportunity for high-net-worth individuals. The benefits of owning a property in a tax-neutral, well-regulated jurisdiction with modern infrastructure is of increasing importance.Cayman has proven itself as one of the world’s leaders in keeping its residents safe throughout the COVID-19 crisis and our reputation as a ‘safe harbor’ has received international acclaim.For decades the Cayman Islands have attracted international investment to its shores due to its close proximity to the United States, tax neutrality, stable government and independent judiciary. This has resulted in the development of one of the most significant and sophisticated financial service centers in the world. High-net worth individuals have been equally attracted to real estate investment in the Cayman Islands in order to obtain permanent residency and ultimately citizenship.In addition to Cayman’s modern infrastructure, high standard of living, low crime rate, tropical climate and natural environment, Cayman real estate has consistently represented a sound investment for both short term rental income and long term capital appreciation. Options for Long Term Residency The Government of the Cayman Islands offers two options for individuals and families seeking permanent or long term residency through real estate investment.

Purchasers of an apartments would qualify to obtain Permanent Residency and a pathway to citizenship should they desire it. Citizenship would allow individuals to obtain not only a Cayman passport but ultimately a British passport.

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